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Title: UnknownTrio Sonata for Recorder, Bassoon and B.C. in A-minor Rv. 86
Artist: UnknownAntonio Lucio Vivaldi
Album: Unknown
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Trio Sonata for Recorder, Bassoon, and B.C. in A-minor Rv. 86 Mvts. 2-4 by Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

The Red Priest returns again with this most unusual piece containing a rather odd pairing of Recorder and Bassoon. The smooth and cold recorder contrasts with the lilting and jittery bassoon to create an unusual but interesting timbre. The two allegros are typical of Vivaldi with great emphasis placed on establishing tonality through the extensive use of cadences and circle of fifths. Bonus: the second movement is a “cantabile” format (singing) and contains a chord progression at the beginning that Vivaldi prefers to use for Cantabile movements. 

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Holliday Grainger in Dockers Flannels For Heroes’ Cricket Match

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John William Godward,A Congenial Task (Detail) 1915.

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Here’s another little addition to the Borrowers series.

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Seth Haverkamp - Refolding. Oil on Panel, 24x18 inches

[Curator’s Monday with fer1972]

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